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Feeling Badass

September 12, 2014
Top: Sheinside | Shorts: Forever21 | Boots: Zara (similar) | Jacket: Zara (similar)

Now, if you know me you know that I never seem to steer away from an all black ensemble. Today though, feels a little different. I'm feeling a bit empowered, a little rock n' roll and overall like a badass. I think that's the beauty of an all black outfit or any outfit that makes you feel good really. You can go from self-conscious to feeling like you can conquer the world due to an outfit. Everyone deserves to feel amazing and I think that's why I find blogging so wonderful. I find joy in helping others through fashion. If my words can help someone else feel better about themselves and shed some light into their lives then I'm happy. So go ahead, grab your favorite look out of your closet and own it like you never have before... because I know you can be a badass too!

2 comments on "Feeling Badass"
  1. superr cool outfit and great hairdo x3

  2. You look super Hawt! I walked around in my pj's all day, never felt more empowered before in my life x