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Hi everyone, welcome to my blog! The Layered Lineup.

Quick facts: 

Name: Kaitlyn Costanzo
Age: 23
From: Pittsburgh, PA

Blog story:

In early 2013, my blogging career began as "kaitlynstyleguide" on Tumblr. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but it was fun. I blogged about the clothing I was purchasing, the outfits I had worn and my biggest inspirations at the time. My love for fashion only grew greater and so did my followers. By September of 2013 I had over 2,500 followers on my Tumblr. I decided then I needed to make big changes if I wanted to create something more for myself and my blog. I took my skills to Blogspot. There, The Layered Lineup was born and the next chapter of my blogging career had begun. Today, with a few layout updates to this blog and some personal style changes of my own (it's ever-changing really) I couldn't be more thrilled and curious as to where this blog will take me. Thanks to all of my readers for sticking by my side!

How I came up with my blog name: 

I put together a huge list of fashion related terms onto a piece of paper and picked two that I felt blended perfectly. I chose "layered" as in layering clothing (one of my favorite things to do come winter time!) and "lineup" as in a runway show lineup (who doesn't love fashion week?). My blog name doesn't really make sense at all together when you think about it, but that's why I love it! To me it's fun, unique and very me.