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April 1, 2015
Sweater: Forever21 (Similar) // Jeans: Forever21 // Sandals: Topshop (Similar)

When you're ballin' on a budget like me the only place I can really shop like crazy is Forever21. A lot of people hate on the brand because of it's quality, but I must admit over the last few years they've greatly improved. So don't knock it until you've given it another chance! Also, I love to buy most of my "on-trend" pieces from Forever21 because it's not something I'll love forever, but I won't be breaking the bank in doing so. In today's post, both my sweater and jeans are from F21. Click the links above to shop my look! 
1 comment on "#F21xMe"
  1. Omg! I can totally relate, I buy most of my clothes at F21 and H&M, they've got (like you said) all of the on trend items for amazing prices! And the quality doesn't really matter for me because it probably won't be on trend next month anyways haha! xx