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December 16, 2013

This past Friday the 13th I traveled to New York City for an internship meeting/small day trip to meet with friends. The trip was perfectly planned, but one thing I learned is that you should always be prepared for setbacks. My bus was supposed to arrive in New York City at 1:20PM on Friday, but ended up reaching the city at 5:30PM. A four hour bus ride turned into an eight hour nightmare. My meeting had to be rescheduled for another date and all of my plans for the day were nothing but a dream. The almost five hour delay into the city was disappointing, but of course I could do nothing more but make the best of the little time I had left in NYC. I finally got the chance to meet the girls I had been "internet" friends (Devi, Christina and Katrina!) with for so long and this trip just solidified how much they all mean to me. The little time I did spend with my friends was anything but dull. We did a bit of window shopping and went to the cutest restaurant for dinner in Soho (which I unfortunately can't remember the name of)! We ended the night with a few selfies. Saturday rolled around and my time in NYC was almost up. My final hours in NYC were spent at Columbus Circle where I snagged some Jamba Juice (my favorite!) and met with Devi and Christina again before I caught a taxi back to the bus station. I had the greatest time in the city with friends (although I wish I had more time) and I cannot wait to go back to the city that never sleeps! 

[Keep scrolling for more Instagram snaps from my short trip to NYC!]

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  1. So sorry your bus had to be late!! That's the absolute worst. It looks like you had a lot of fun though, I think New York is somehow always worth it. xxx