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Updates | My Life & November Favorites!

December 2, 2013

Hi everyone! Hope you're all well. I'd just like to start this post by saying I apologize for my lack of posts. I've got finals next week and also just got back to school after a nice relaxing Thanksgiving break at home in Pittsburgh. Tonight's post will be a little different than anything I've posted before because it not only involves my "November Favorites" but just a few updates on my life! Keep reading to check it all out!
Let's begin with my November Favorites! 


  • Kiss Me Lip Gloss by Philosophy: I absolutely adore this lip gloss! Their really isn't too much color to it once it's applied, but it gives the perfect amount of shine and can be applied over any lipstick! 
  • YSL Touche Éclat Foundation: You can't go wrong with a few YSL makeup products in your collection. My Touche Éclat foundation has got to be one of the best foundations I've ever tried and they've got colors to match any skin tone. The only downfall for me is I can't use it in the summer because it will make my skin a bit too oily. I only use it once the weather gets colder and my skin gets drier! 
  • M.A.C Lipstick (Touch): I've always steered away from bright or deep colored lipsticks, but this month I took the plunge! I realized a deep maroon colored lip actually doesn't look too bad on me after all and this color is absolutely perfect for the winter season! 
Here is M.A.C's Touch on!

  • Michael Kors Down Feather Coat: Let me tell you guys... if it wasn't for this coat I really don't think I'd make it through this winter season. Everyone living in towns and cities that get freezing cold without a doubt needs a coat like this. Us fashionistas love to stay super fashionable even when it's freezing cold. We also hate to cover up our super cute outfits with a big puffy coat, but when the temperature turns to 20 degrees or lower don't sacrifice the possibility of frost bite just to look cute.. get a big warm puffy coat ladies! (The photo shown above isn't the exact coat I have, but it's similar.)
  • Topshop Leigh Jeans in Black: A pair of black skinnies are a must at any time of the season (except those excruciating hot summer days) and that's why they're one of my November faves! You've got to go pick up a pair.. or five if you don't have a pair already!
  • Forever 21 Fluffy Sweater: As many of you may already know fluffy/fuzzy sweaters are IN this season. So, when I spotted this fluffy sweater in Forever 21 a few weeks back I had to have it! It's so warm and cozy and so ON TREND! (The one in the photo above is not the exact one I have, but very similar). 
Style Inspiration:
  • Nicole Richie: I've been a huge fan of Nicole ever since her Simple Life days, but just this past month or so I've noticed how crazy fashionable she is. I never really paid attention to her style before, but boy was I missing out! Her sense of style is impeccable. She's always on point and makes any outfit look absolutely incredible. On top of her killer style she has two fashion lines (House of Harlow 1960 and Winter Kate). I can definitely say she's one of my biggest style icons right now and will be for a while (and probably forever). 
  • One Direction's Midnight Memories: If you know me you know I'm a HUGE fan of boy bands and have been since I was a little girl. So, even at almost age 20 it was probably wasn't a surprise to many that One Direction would be the next boy band that would capture my heart. Their latest album Midnight Memories that dropped on November 25th has been on repeat since the album leaked a week early (Oopsie. Don't worry 1D I bought the album as well). This album is a huge change from their previous albums, but I'm loving this "rockier" more mature vibe from the boys. My favorite songs off of the album have to be Little White Lies, Happily, Better Than Words and Don't Forget Where You Belong. 
Moving onto updates with my life! (Bear with me. I know this post is long, but you've got to keep reading!) 

  • First I'd like to share with you the latest change in my life and that would be the color of hair! I've gone with a deep brown with a hint of auburn and I was a bit hesitant at first, but I'm loving the change! Take a look and comment what you think below! 

  • Next update is I'm going to NYC! Many of my followers may already know this from following me on Tumblr, Twitter or Instagram, but I am way too excited not to bring it up again. I've been to NYC before, but not since I was about 13 years old (I'm almost 20 in case you were unsure). I'll unfortunately only be in the city for about a day in a half, but I know I'm going to have the time of my life. Not to mention I'm finally meeting my best friend in person. You know you are! 
I think that's everything important for now. Thank you so much for reading and don't forget to comment and let 
me know what you think. Also, for more updates on my life follow me on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram! The 
links are all on the right side of my blog! :) 

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