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Perfect Jeans For Shorties

January 30, 2014
If you're about 5'2" like me then you're in luck. While in Los Angeles last month Topshop was having a major sale and I so happened to spot these Jamie jeans on sale! These jeans are my savior. Since I'm so short I've always struggled to find the perfect pair of jeans and I haven't had the best of luck in doing so. The jeans I've found are always entirely too long for me and bunch up at the bottom due to all the extra material that my legs can't fill. Until these jeans happen to stumble into my life while in Topshop last month. Topshop's Jamie jeans are all ankle grazers so lucky for me and all you shorties out there they fall perfectly and are for once... not too long! I most definitely plan on purchasing a few more pairs of these jeans down the road. Click HERE to shop Topshop's Jamie jeans! 

3 comments on "Perfect Jeans For Shorties"
  1. Their joni jeans are perfect for short people as well! Can be found in the petite section and are high waisted so they elongate your legs x

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