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December 26, 2014
I just received this question in my inbox on Tumblr. I decided I'd turn it into a post instead so I could better respond!

I'd like to say these are my top 10 favorite pieces I own at this very moment. It always fluctuates to be honest. I don't have personal photos of them, but you can see all of the items in the photo above or shop click HERE for all links! 

These are in no particular order of importance...
1. ASOS Ridley Jeans- I am absolutely obsessed with these. They're probably my favorite jeans and I just recently bought them. I ripped the knees more and cut off the hem so they were frayed, but I adore them! 
2. 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli (Medium)- It was my first really high-end designer bag. I love it, bring it everywhere and it's the perfect size! 
3. Zara Leather Jacket- The one in the photo isn't the exact one that I have (because the one I own is sold out), but I can't stress enough how necessary a leather jacket is to your wardrobe! It changes an outfit completely (for the better). Zara has great real leather jackets, for decent prices too. 
4. ASOS Ultimate Chunky Cardigan (In Black)- I've only had this cardigan for a couple of months, but I've worn it excessively. It keeps you so warm and it's black.. so it really goes with anything. 
5. Acne Studios Jensen Boots- These suede beauties are my absolute favorite boots that I own. Yes, they're pricey, but oh so worth it. They're comfortable, stylish and versatile. I wear them almost everyday! 
6. Zara Glitter Boots- I just recently bought these Zara "Saint Laurent Look-A-Like" boots and let me tell you.... they're amazing! I already did a review on these boots in the post before this one. So keep scrolling if you're interested in them! 
7. Forever 21 Knit Varsity Jacket- I've been looking for a great sports-luxe type bomber/varsity jacket for some time now. BUT when you're on a tight budget 99% of the time like me, you can't afford to spend more than $50 on one. I found this jacket for about $25 and it's great! It's comfortable and goes with almost everything. Also, I wore this jacket when I met The 1975.... 'nough said right?!
8. The 1975 tee- (Not the exact one I have in the photo above) I was gifted this tee by my best friend Jill. She got this tee for me when she was at Coachella this past April. Cool right?! I wear it more than I probably should, but you can never have too many black tees right?! 
9. Levi's Vintage Cut-Off shorts- I have been dreaming of the perfect pair of cut-off shorts for entirely too long. I finally found my new favorite pair on Urban Outfitter during one of their sales. They had vintage Levi's on sale and I couldn't be happier. They fit perfectly (when ordering vintage the sizing could really be a hit or miss) and have just the right amount of distressing. 
10. Ray-Ban Aviators (Black)- Favorite sunnies by far! Unfortunately, they are currently missing and I can't find them! Hopefully, they turn up soon! 
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