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Live Long And Prosper

September 8, 2016
As a (new) Star Trek fan I found it fitting to upload this post on a special day in Star Trek history. Today marks 50 years since the original TV series debuted on NBC in 1966. My oversized t-shirt features Spock and was purchased as a 1990s vintage piece from Depop. Yes, it's just a t-shirt. Yes, I have shorts underneath. I love wearing oversized t-shirts/sweaters/hoodies as dresses because, for me, it's easy, comfy and cool. It also helps that I'm relatively short.

P.S. My grandfather would be so proud of me for this post because he's literally in love with Star Trek. When I told him I started watching the films he wouldn't stop talking about it... in a good way.

Live long and prosper :)

What I'm Wearing: 
T-shirt: Depop (You guys have to check Depop if you're looking for vintage pieces. They have everything!)
Under shirt: Forever 21
Sneakers: Fenty x Puma
Sunglasses: SammyDress (only seen in one photo)
Backpack: Forever 21 (only seen in one photo)

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