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HOW TO STYLE: Over-the-knee boots for fall/winter

November 14, 2016
In today's post I wanted to introduce a new segment to my blog that I think may be helpful to readers that find something they love, but don't know how to style it. For the first post in this new segment I decided to go with over-the-knee boots. I've had lots of people, including my mother, tell me they love them, but have no idea how they'd wear them. I myself even questioned them before I purchased my first pair thinking I couldn't pull them off. I'm here to prove those naysayers wrong. You CAN rock over-the-knee boots and you can rock them fantastically. 

Keep in mind: This is how I would personally style them. Any item can be swapped out or added to fit your personal style. Also, these outfit suggestions are tailored more towards cooler temperatures.. hence 'fall/winter' in the title. 
Tip: If you're going to wear them over jeans, stick with skinny jeans. If you go with any jean other than skinny jeans you'll have a major problem squeezing skin tight boots over top of baggy jeans... it just won't work! 

This look is perfect for the winter. As many of you may already know, bomber jackets are very IN this year. So, for this look I paired the over-knee-boots with skinny jeans, a turtleneck sweater, bomber jacket and beanie for extra warmth. 

Oversized sweater dresses are the perfect complement to over-the-knee boots in the fall/winter. If you think you'll be too cold to bare a little bit of leg in the colder months, throw on some fun tights. Like these X X X (click the x's to view). 

Tip: Layering is perfect for the winter. In fact, it's almost necessary. In the look above I put a fitted high neck top underneath the fuzzy sweater dress to ensure warmth and comfort... and I think it looks great.  
If you're a bit more edgy, add a bold piece to your look that will really stand out. For this look, I chose a bright red jacket and graphic tee underneath the slip dress. Pairing a shirt underneath a slip dress is also a great tip for colder months. You can wear almost anything underneath a slip dress like this to give you extra comfort.. or warmth in colder temperatures. 

These looks were created on Polyvore. Click HERE to view my profile.
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