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October 1, 2015

Jumpsuit: Aritzia / Belt: Boohoo / Bralette: Urban Outfitters / Boots: Zara / Sunglasses: Nasty Gal

Hi guys! This summer has been an amazing but incredibly busy summer that it's left me almost no time to blog whatsoever. I had a two month long internship in New York City (June & July), which was incredible by the way. Then, nonstop travelled with friends all around the east coast for One Direction's On The Road Again Tour. Not too shabby right? It was a summer to remember to say the least. Now that I'm back home and back to school I want to get back to blogging. I don't want to let any of you down if I don't post as often as you'd like, but I don't want to make any promises either. I want to be completely honest with you guys and let you know how I feel. Yes, I was very busy this summer, but in reality I also lacked a lot of inspiration and direction for my blog. I want to produce creative and inspiring content for my blog and I feel as though I've lacked in that sense. I'm a perfectionist in most cases. So, if I'm not "feeling it" then I won't want to put it on here. I also have been thinking a lot about YouTube lately. I've thought about creating a channel for a while, but I'm not completely sure. I'm not very confident on camera (or in general) so the idea of filming myself is a bit daunting. On the other hand, YouTube itself is something I really enjoy and I think in the long run may be great for me. Let me know on my Tumblr ( what you're thinking! It would mean a lot. Thanks so much. Lots of love.
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